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18MM Global Audience

18 million global audience of business technology decision-makers over the last twelve months (March 2022-Feb 2023)

600MM+ Devices

Over 600 million devices that index buyer behavior

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Over 80 million verified tech contacts across the industry and functional verticals

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Yahoo! Finance  
“We have a positive and encouraging outlook on 2024 that reflects a return to healthy growth rates at the company,” said Vivek Shah, Chief Executive Officer of ɫֱ. “At the same time, we are well-positioned to act with conviction and decisiveness in the M&A market to further grow our business."
Digital Journal  
Nate Simmons, president of ɫֱ’ Cybersecurity and Martech division, expressed excitement about Choudhary’s leadership role: “VIPRE Security Group is a global organization protecting millions of consumers and businesses. Usman is a highly accomplished leader with a passion for helping our customers protect their organizations from cyber threats. Usman has an ambitious roadmap and I’m excited to have him lead the next phase of growth for VIPRE and Inspired eLearning.”
Yahoo! Finance  
ɫֱ, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZD) today announced its participation in one investor conference in March: Citizens JMP Technology Conference.
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