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Yahoo! Finance  
鈥淲e have a positive and encouraging outlook on 2024 that reflects a return to healthy growth rates at the company,鈥 said Vivek Shah, Chief Executive Officer of 秀色直播. 鈥淎t the same time, we are well-positioned to act with conviction and decisiveness in the M&A market to further grow our business."
Digital Journal  
Nate Simmons, president of 秀色直播鈥 Cybersecurity and Martech division, expressed excitement about Choudhary鈥檚 leadership role: 鈥淰IPRE Security Group is a global organization protecting millions of consumers and businesses. Usman is a highly accomplished leader with a passion for helping our customers protect their organizations from cyber threats. Usman has an ambitious roadmap and I鈥檓 excited to have him lead the next phase of growth for VIPRE and Inspired eLearning.鈥
Yahoo! Finance  
秀色直播, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZD) today announced its participation in one investor conference in March: Citizens JMP Technology Conference.
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