Employee Benefits

At 秀色直播, we are committed to caring for our employees and their families in the workplace and in their lives away from work. The diversified nature of 秀色直播鈥 organization enables us to structure benefit offerings which are tailored to the needs of our diverse population of employees including:

Health Insurance

秀色直播 offers an array of health insurance options to all employees, and pays over 80% of medical costs for covered U.S. employees. We offer comprehensive coverage, giving employees choices in medical plans so they can tailor their healthcare to their needs (plan choices vary by location). Among our plan offerings, we provide matching contributions in our HSA plans, low deductibles on both primary and mental health care, a $1 per month medical plan for individual employee coverage, and concierge support for employees鈥 benefits-related questions.

Employee Stock Purchase Program

秀色直播 offers a robust Employee Stock Purchase Program through which employees (based in countries in which 秀色直播 employs >10 employees) can purchase 秀色直播 stock at a discounted rate of 15% of the lower of two prices during offering periods.

Parental Leave

All full time 秀色直播 employees enjoy generous parental leave policies, with 16 weeks of paid Parental Leave available to parents who give birth. All expecting parents (via birth, adoption or foster placement) receive 10 weeks of paid parental leave.

Paid Family Leave

Our U.S.-based full time employees can take up to four weeks of Paid Family Leave to care for seriously ill immediate family members.

Military Leave

We are committed to supporting our employees’ service in US Military branches and to protecting the job rights of our employees absent on military leave.

This policy provides pay up to 4 weeks of leave annually due to military service to 100% of base salary during that time period.

Family Planning Support

For U.S. employees who are expecting or planning a family, 秀色直播 has partnered with Maven to provide around-the-clock support at every stage of the family planning journey. Maven provides a personal guide through egg freezing, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, early pediatrics, and returning to work. Additionally, when traveling for work, employees are able to send breast milk home to their baby or carry it with them easily and safely with free breast milk shipping through Maven Milk.

Medical Travel Reimbursement

Employees and dependents enrolled in any of our U.S. health plans can receive an additional travel and lodging reimbursement benefit of up to $4,000 annually in the event they are unable to access covered health care services within 100 miles of their home address.

Location Flexibility

Many of our positions offer the potential to work entirely remotely or using a hybrid schedule that includes some days working in an office location and some days working remotely.

Flexible Time Off

As part of offering paid vacation days, sick time, and personal days, 秀色直播 encourages our employees to take time off based on their individual needs. With 秀色直播鈥 Flexible Time Off policy, employees are free to take time off without designating how their time will be used. Currently available to all eligible employees based in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and the U.K., 秀色直播 is working to extend this benefit to its employees in our other locations around the world.


We recognize the value of flexibility when it comes to seeking medical attention, which is why we offer 100% free telemedicine services鈥搃ncluding mental health鈥揻or employees who participate in select medical plans.

ZD Be Well

Wellness is personal to each individual. The ZD Be Well program enables its U.S.-based employees to choose their own wellness path. The program offers team members many free wellness-related activities including memberships to Calm, LoseIt! Premium, and Cleo, monthly wellness webinars and challenges throughout the year. Additionally, our Fitness Membership Reimbursement program (offered in some segments of our business) provides up to a $300 reimbursement per calendar year to employees.

Company Holidays

秀色直播 is proud to offer a comprehensive calendar of company-paid holidays, including Juneteenth and Election Day (for U.S.-based employees).

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